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this is lush

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Louise Bourgeois 
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Mia Nolting


Mia Nolting

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Keira Knightley in Atonement (dir. Joe Wright)


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Hey guys! So, this is my first official giveaway! I have reached 1200 followers and I never ever thought that would happen, so I would like to offer an original piece:

i can’t remember it; hand embroidery, illustration, + watercolor on handmade paper from recycled books  and flowers

All you have to do is:

1. Follow me - no giveaway blogs please.
2. Reblog this (please don’t delete any original text) as much as you’d like for multiple entries. but please don’t spam your followers! :)
3. Likes will count as an additional entry.
4. Please have your ask box open + you must be willing to give me your information so I can ship this to you!

I will use a random generator to select the winner. This giveaway will be open until midnight August 31st EST - I will be selecting a winner then and notifying on September 1st. 

Good luck!!!


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At work in 32 degrees. Fuck.


At work in 32 degrees. Fuck.

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Edie Sedgwick


Edie Sedgwick

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step over ants
put worms back in the grass
rescue baby caterpillars
release spiders back into your garden
open windows for bees to fly home
they are all little souls that deserve a life too

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